Friday, April 3, 2009

So it's been a while...

Hello my loves!  Mommy has been so busy lately with you guys that I have not been able to keep up with your blog.  Evan you are now 6 months old so I need to not have any more excuses and begin again. 

Anna, lately you have been saying the cutest things!  You tell me that you are "magnificent" and how you want to be in a show and dance.  You are the most wonderful dancer!  We went to a wedding the other day and got some great footage of you dancing.  You also say "shake your body" when you dance and it is adorable!  

Today Grandma and Papa took Anna to the zoo and mommy was sad.  I was so happy you were going to have fun, but I was so worried.  I know that your grandparents will take good care of you but I just get so nervous!  I don't want anything to happen to my little girl.  I love you so much.  Yes,  I really am this paranoid.  Just wait until you guys are teenagers and then we'll see how paranoid I become (muh hahaha)!!!  

Evan my baby, you are sick this week and I am so sad.  You look so miserable, but you look up at me and smile.  My heart melts for you.  You are filled with drool and snot and it ends up all over me and it makes me laugh.  Oh, if I only knew!  It's a good thing they don't tell you these things before you have kids or there would probably be a lot less people in the world.  

I have been making you food this week and you are SO not interested.  I took you to Dr. Bean last week for your 6 month baby check and he gave me the go ahead to give you solid food.  By the way, you were just over 21 pounds and 30 inches.  The size Anna was on her first birthday!  SO, I asked Dr. Bean if I could start you off on a veggie and not rice cereal because I just did not want to feed you out of the box.  I just felt that it is not natural and fresh organic food is better for my baby.  Dr. Bean said no one had ever asked him that before, and would get back to me.  I love stumping the doctor!!  He called me back and told me after looking it up it would be OK as long as you get some sort of iron.  So, I ground up some avocado and tried to feed you.  I don't think any of it went into your mouth.  The next day I tried steaming sweet potatoes and that was no good either.  Then you got sick, so we are taking a couple of days off food.  I think we'll try bananas next.  I know some day you will eat well and so I don't worry.  I love nursing you too, so it's quite alright.  Although, I imagine I would be a little more stressed if I was buying you formula and jars of baby food.  You sure would cost a LOT more :)

Well that's it for now!  I gotta go finish the house work.  Love you my precious children!!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Tomorrow is the big day!

Yikes!  In a couple of hours our family of three is off to the hospital to become a family of four.  I find that amazing.  It just seems like yesterday we brought Anna home.  She is asleep in her bed not knowing what is coming tomorrow.  I really don't know how much she knows.  She talks about her brother all the time but really I think she has NO idea of what is to come.  In one way I am so excited for her that she is going to have a friend for life, someone to always talk too, to play with, to lean on, to be there for her but I think it will be a hard adjustment at the same time.

I think Anna will be a great big sister.  She loves to play with her baby dolls and feed her baby's with bottles.  She sleeps with her baby in her arms every night.  It is pretty cute!  

Today was Tyler's and my 6th wedding anniversary.  It was a little different than normal, I admit I was a little crazy today with cleaning the house and running errands.  There was just so much to do today!  I could not sit down for a couple minutes and Tyler got a little upset with me because I wouldn't stop scrubbing our little home.  Men are so funny!  They just don't understand the need a woman has for having a clean home when bringing home a baby.  I know in the grand scheme of things it does not really matter but for some reason this afternoon it really mattered to me.  I feel a little guilty that I did not spend more time playing with Anna today.  After all today is the last day she is an only child.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Anna and baby brother

As I write this blog I am a little sad for my little princess.  She is truly the apple of my eye.  I would give up anything for her happiness and only want the best for her.  She is my little mama's girl and always has been.  She has been stuck to my side from day one.  When she was a couple months old she did not want anyone to hold her but me, which was hard I must admit, but I also loved it. 

 Ever since I was a little girl I wanted to be a mother.  I had a great example growing up, and wanted to be like my mother.  I did not care about the wedding or the prom or any of the things normal girls dream about, all I wanted was a cute chubby baby in my arms.  

Anna was another gift of "Gods timing."  Tyler and I prayed many years for a baby and it just seemed like it was never going to happen.  Then one day our miracle arrived!  If Anna had shown up a year earlier there was no way I could be the stay at home mom that Tyler and I both hoped I could be.  Isn't God amazing?

So anyways... I seem to get carried away with my thoughts here.  I am sad that my princess only has 4 more days of being an only child.  She is so used to getting ALL the attention that I don't know how she will handle it.  She talks about her baby brother often but really has NO clue as to what is about to happen.  She points to all of his things and wants to play with his car seat, and his clothes but I think that she thinks it's all a game.  

Yesterday,  I was driving in the car with Anna and she was telling me about all the fun things she would do with baby brother.  Being a Disneyland nut (just like her mom), she was talking about going on some of the rides with him when all of a sudden she yells "ferris wheel!"  The funny thing is Anna rarely yells.  She is quite the soft spoken child. 

Then I said "you want to take Evan on the ferris wheel?" 

Anna said "yes!"  "O boy, O boy"  It was so adorable!

She is becoming quite the verbal child and has so many fun things to say, such as "Anna funny," "Anna do it," "O brother," and now that I am trying to think of them my brain is not functioning.  Oh yea, she makes the best animal sounds too.  Her aunt Julie (we call her eemo for aunt in Korean) teaches her the funniest sounds.  Anna does a great Giraffe and Hippo imitation.  Next time you see her you have to ask her about them.  She is also doing this thing right now where everything is "ouch."  If she hits a body part on anything she says "ouch," gives herself a kiss and then says "much better!"  Then she runs along until the next "injury."

Anna is not a good sleeper either.  From day one she never was a good self soother.  It takes a long time to get her to sleep in her bed, and then when she does she usually ends up in our bed at somewhere around 3-5:00AM.  It would be OK but she just kicks the #$%^ out of us.  Tyler and I wake up in pain from sleeping in bed with her for those few short hours.  We really should get a bigger bed but I really don't want to.  I'm one of those weird people that like smaller things.  Smaller beds, smaller homes, smaller cars, you know... maybe thats why I married Tyler, his being 2 inches shorter and all.  

Well thats all for now.  I'm out of things to write and I'm a little tired from running around all day after Anna.  This extra weight is just killing me.  It's also been hard because Tyler has been working SO much lately, it's 10:27 and he is still not home yet.  I'll be happy when he gets some down time when the baby gets here, but unfortunately his blackberry will be ringing off the hook.  I hate technology, to a certain extent, but that my friends is for another day.

Good night!!

Mommy and Daddy

It seems like yesterday Tyler and I tied the knot.  Well actually it will be exactly 6 years in 4 days.  Amazing!  He is such an amazing person and a wonderful husband, and an even better father.  I really could not have hoped for a better father for my children.  The more he loves them the more I fall in love with him.  Kinda sappy I know, but being so close to our anniversary and being 9 months pregnant I am allowed to be a little hormonal, aren't I??

Tyler & I on our Honeymoon cruise to Hawaii

Well, our daughter Anna Marie is an amazing child.  She lights up our lives and I couldn't imagine life without her.  From the moment she was conceived, she was a whorl wind, I guess you could say.  The doctors all told me that she could have many issues and we cried many, many tears over what "could" be.  After 9 long months and thousands of prayers later she came out a perfectly healthy baby.  Praise God!

Our sweet baby girl Anna

Evan is due to arrive on September 22nd, 2008 via c-section.  The day after our anniversary and on the day of my parents 30th wedding anniversary.  I really believe from the bottom of my heart he was a child sent from God for us to love.  Evan is a true gift of "God's timing" which I find so amazing.  Nothing is really "our" timing, but the Lord has a plan for us all.  We may not realize it yet but when you look back it is pretty obvious at times.

This blog is for my children.  I want to record the funny things that they do and say.  I want them to know that they are loved unconditionally.  I also realized I spend so much time on the computer doing "stupid" stuff like reading message boards and shopping so by doing this I feel like I am doing something better with my time.

Last of all I guess I should explain "hapa."  I'm sure I'll get lots of questions on that if I don't explain.  Hapa is slang in Hawaiian for half breed.  Half asian, half caucasian.  Tyler and I are both half and so our kids are still half asian.  We find this kinda funny so we call ourselves a hapa family.